Come Out and Play!



History of Benton Brigade

The Benton Brigade Hurling Club is a young team. Based in Corvallis, Oregon, it laid its roots down in the summer of 2008 when it was founded by Dustin Herron. Working quickly to obtain equipment and a sponsor pub, Block 15, Herron soon found others who enjoyed the sport and the recruitment drive began.

Over the winter of 2008/09 hurling workshops were organized in Avery Park with members from the Columbia Red Branch and Trinity Willamette hurling clubs. The first formally organized match took place at the Eugene Irish Festival with the Brigade and Trinity members playing the Columbia Red Branch of Vancouver, Washington.

By the end of May 2009 a team core was established and the Brigade travelled to Vancouver to play Red Branch for the first time as a whole. The first official match was a loss, but spirits were high and the Brigade continued on throughout the summer playing a handful of matches and slowly but surely gaining skill.

During this time a team committee was established to lay the ground work for progress and development of the club. The end of the 2009 season came in October just as the roster began to fill out completely.

Launching the 2010 season in February, the Brigade found themselves with a full line out and new jerseys. February also saw the team entering into the new Northwest Hurling League consisting of the Benton Brigade (Corvallis, Oregon), Seattle Gaels (Seattle, Washington), Columbia Red Branch (Vancouver, Washington), and Eugene Trappers (Eugene, Oregon).

Dates of note in Benton Brigade history